Kognisi Youth Festival, Effective Ways to Maximize Your Potential

The pandemic that has spread since 2020 forced us to change the teaching and learning process to online or distance learning.

However, this change has created new innovations by young people in finding effective ways of learning.

In the past, students had to sit at a desk and write, now school and college students can learn online or distance learning, which doesn't require them to meet face to face, but can still interact as if they were together.

This method is also known as e-learning or online learning, in which teacher and students are in separate locations due to the physical distance and this method also utilizes various technologies to facilitate both teacher-student and student-student communication.

Starting out with this foundation, Kognisi organized the Kognisi Youth Learning Festival or KYLF. This event will hold five learning activities designed to stimulate participants' creativity and motivation to learn to maximize their abilities in this global era, including 25+ interactive learning sessions, competitions, entertainment, self-discovery, and job opportunities.

Even though it will be carried out fully via online or distance learning, the KYLF event is expected to be able to help optimizing the self-development of young people.

This event will be attended by various credible and insightful speakers, such as Ayu Utami, Handoko Hendroyono, Hadi Ismanto, Candra Darusman, and many more.

KYLF promotes effective learning by implementing the KumoSpace interactive learning platform, where participants can learn in an accessible virtual world, similar to Metaverse but simpler. KumoSpace allows participants to not just listen to the lectures, but also to network and play games with other participants.

Interestingly, this event is the First NFT-based Learning Festival in Indonesia! There are 8,000 NFT tickets for lucky participants to widen their knowledge in the world of NFT. So it's even more exciting to learn!

Through the KYLF program, it is hoped that participants can find the most effective learning method for themselves, because everyone has their own way of learning. Interested to know more? Check the complete information here https://kylf.growthcenter.id/.

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