UPNVJ Chancellor Meets Outstanding Students


HumasUPNVJ - In order to give appreciation to outstanding students, the Chancellor of UPN "Veteran" Jakarta held a meeting with students who have academic achievements and achievements at national and international levels. This meeting took place in the Nusantara room 1 Rectorate Building, Tuesday (06/11/18).

This meeting was attended by UPNVJ Chancellor Dr. Erna Hernawati, Ak, CPMA, CA, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Morljadi, SE, SU, M.Sc, Dean of the Faculty of Law Dwi Desi Yayi Tarina, SH, MH, Head of General Affairs & Finance Bureau Drs. Sugeng Siswanto and Head of Academic, Student Affairs, Planning & Cooperation Bureau Dr. Drs. Suyatno, MM.

prestasi_FH_2018__3___1541554891_86701.jpg The Chancellor of UPNVJ said that students with achievements had implemented UPNVJ's vision "With the achievements that you have made, it indicates that we have implemented the vision of UPNVJ which reads Towards Legal Entity, Innovative, Competitive Colleges with State Defending Identity in 2025" Said the Chancellor of UPNVJ.

Not only that, the Chancellor of UPNVJ when interviewed also said "The achievements that have been achieved by the Faculty of Law in particular are a matter of pride for all of us and of course it is in line with the Vision of UPNVJ, one of which is the achievement of student achievements on a national and international scale and today students has achieved achievements on a national scale. UPNVJ fully supports the efforts made by the civitas and students in making this achievement. The support is in the form of awards in the form of incentives and included in the Diploma Companion Letter (SKPI) as additional material for them to enter the world of work, "he said.


The students of the Faculty of Law who have made achievements include:

  1. The UPNVJ Moot Court Student Activity Unit won 1st place at the National Level "QUOTE TRIAL".

  1. Tarung Degrees won the DKI Jakarta Pomda Cup. On behalf of :
  • Andri Setiawan (Gold Medal in Free Fighting Category 58.1-61 Kg)
  • Fadhil Ali Hakim (Silver Medal in Free Fighting Category 61.1-64 Kg)

  1. Judo won the DKI Jakarta Pomda Service Cup. On behalf of :
  • Remy Ahmad Rashad Widyanto (Silver Medal in Judo – 66 Kg)

  1. Pencak Silat won the DKI Jakarta Pomda Cup. On behalf of :
  • Ahmad Ali Gibran PM (Bronze Medal in Men's Class A Competition category and Bronze Medal in Men's Singles Arts category)

  1. Batik Nusantara 2018 finalist on behalf of Deola Adene.

  1. Abang None North Jakarta 2018 finalist on behalf of Safora Karay.

  1. Nikita Dwi Maharani and Elaina Aurylia Permadi won Third Place in the 2018 Andalas Law Competition Scientific Writing Competition.

  1. Karunia Pangestu won 3rd place in Senior Kumite + 68 Kg Women's Karate National Championship UNJ CUP VII 2018.


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