Commemoration of the 68th Youth Pledge Day


In commemorating the series of struggles of the Indonesian Youth in 1928 which is always commemorated every October 28 as Youth Pledge Day the birth of the spirit of the sons and daughters of Indonesia in order to fight for independence and also their rights, UPN "Veteran" Jakarta also commemorates it by holding a Red Flag Raising Ceremony Putih as a form of gratitude to the youth leaders of that year who were able to initiate and realize national ideas which are very beautifully summarized in the Youth Pledge Manuscript.
"We are sons and daughters of Indonesia

claims to have one homeland, the homeland of Indonesia

We are sons and daughters of Indonesia

claim to be one nation, the nation of Indonesia

We are sons and daughters of Indonesia

uphold the language of unity, the Indonesian language”  

The ceremony, which was held at the UPN "Veteran" Jakrta Campus Ceremony Field in Pondok Labu, started at 07.30 WIB and took place solemnly and gave the impression of enthusiasm to the younger generation who will give bright hopes for the future.

Acting as UPNVJ Chancellor Dr. Koesnadi Kardi M.Sc, RCDS was also attended by the Deputy Chancellors, the Deans/Dir PPs., Ka. Satker, Ka Bag Penmaru, Lecturers and Employees, Students and the UPNVJ Security Unit.

In his remarks, the Minister of Youth and Sports, which was read by the Ceremony Coach, said that every time we commemorate Youth Pledge Day, what can be imagined is the tireless heroism of our youth to declare their ideas of struggle and realize their brilliant ideas about the State of Indonesia, about their unanimous determination to realize one nation, one homeland and uphold the unified language, namely Indonesian.

The 86th Youth Pledge Commemoration this year carries the theme " Build Advanced and Sustainable Youth Solidity ". The theme conveys the message that we are trying to enable young people to play their role optimally as the glue of national unity in national development.

The Mental Revolution proclaimed by President Ir. Joko Widodo is very relevant in realizing advanced youth. The characteristics of advanced youth are youth with character, capacity and competitiveness. Advanced youth are youth who have high innovation and creativity capabilities, who are able to overcome various problems they face and have competence so that they can survive and excel in facing global competition.

Hopefully through this commemoration we will always respect the services of the youth, the services of the nation's founders and the services of our heroes.

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