The Role of Students as the Young Generation


Friday, October 24 2014 which took place in the Hall of Social Sciences Gd. Muh. Yamin held a Seminar entitled "The Role of Students as the Young Generation - Sharpening Self Potential in Improving the Character of a Cultured Campus". The event which was attended by FISIP students and Julian Aldrin Pasha who worked as Spokesperson for the Presidency during the Government of SBY Volume 2 acted as a resource person.

The event which started at 09.00 WIB was broadcast live by Five – 5 as the pride of FISIP and UPNVJ Television Station. It was opened by Dr. Fredy BL Tobing, M. Si as the Dean of FISIP by saying that this is an "Initial Lecture Tradition" for TA students. 2014/2015. For this reason, it is hoped that they can dig up information, knowledge and share experiences from Julian Aldrin Pasha as a separate reference and motivation for students.

On this occasion, Julian Aldrin Pasha, in his material, said:

“Indonesian students are part of the nation's history. The history of advanced world nations with higher education civilization. When viewed from the progress of students in the course of history, it can be concluded that students are agents of social change.

As an academic community, students are part of the general public. Where participation is expected in providing thoughtful solutions to various social and community events, both at the local and national levels. Students are also expected to appear as a moral force in fighting for or voicing the conscience of society.

Therefore, students are expected to develop intellectual abilities, so that they become responsible citizens and contribute to the nation's competitiveness. Government support in improving the quality of facilities and infrastructure to support the development and self-actualization of students. As future cadres of leaders, students need to understand and practice Pancasila values as Indonesian personalities."

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