Indonesia's readiness to face AEC 2015 in the automotive industry


Friday, October 17 2014 at the Auditorium Lt. 4th ed. General Sudirman UPN "Veteran" Jakarta held a Seminar held by the UPNVJ Mechanical Engineering Student Association which carried the theme "Indonesia's Readiness for AEC 2015 in the Automotive Industry". The event which was held from 09.30 WIB was attended by Muchtar Azis, ST, MT, Ir. Asfrida Suston Niar, MT, Ir. Drs. Asrizal Tatang, MT as the resource person.

In delivering the material, Muchtar Azis, ST as the Head of Sub Directorate. The Development of Competency Standards conveys how "Indonesian HR Readiness Towards MEA 2015". Meanwhile Ir. Asfrida Suston Niar, MT as Dit. The Land Transportation Equipment Industry, the Directorate General of IUBTT, the Ministry of Industry conveyed several "Targets for the Development of the Automotive Industry". And Ir. Drs. Asrizal Tatang, MT as Chair of the Certification Commission also conveyed about how "Preparing a Competitive Workforce in Facing MEA 2015 in the Automotive Industry Sector".

The series of events which were co-sponsored by Cimory, Indosat, De Koffie, Aroma and Amidis were held for 2 days, namely 17 – 18 October 2014 and hosted regional donors in collaboration with RS. Fatmawati also held a Motorbike Contest which took place at the Main Square of the UPNVJ Campus.

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