Inauguration of Professor of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. med. dr. Francis Santosa


Thursday, November 6 2014 which took place at Gd. The UPNVJ Faculty of Medicine Skill Lab held the Inauguration of UPN "Veteran" Jakarta Professor, Prof. Dr. med. dr. Frans Santosa, SpJP, FIHA. The activity which started at 10.00 WIB was opened by singing the National Anthem Indonesia Raya and Mars Bela Negara which was sung by the Gita Advayatva Choir UKM.

Also attending the event was the UPNVJ Senate, Ka. BPH, other invited guests such as Navy Admiral (Purn) Widodo AS, Marsda TNI AU (Purn) Slamet Prihantino, Ir. Muhammad Fadel, Prof. Dr. Dr. Agus Purwadianto, SpF, SH, Msi, DFM, Prof. Dr. Bakhtiar Aly, Prof. Dr. Dr. hc Ir. Djoko Santoso, Prof. (Ris) Hermawan Soelistyo, Prof. Dr. Tubagus Ronny Rahman Nitibaskoro, as well as other invitees.

pengukuhan_guru_besar_3.png In his scientific oration Prof. Dr. med. dr. Frans Santosa, SpJP, FIHA explained about "The Role of Non-Invasive Angiology in Maintaining and Maintaining the Flexibility of Blood Vessel Walls". Angiology is the study of arterial, venous and lymphatic vessel disease. Because arterial disease is seen as a true "domain" of blood disease. The reason for taking the title of this inauguration speech is because to socialize more non-invasive Angiology Science, both in medical science circles and to the general public.

pengukuhan_guru_besar_2.png In his remarks, the Chancellor on behalf of himself and on behalf of the UPNVJ institution and academic community congratulated him on the award of Professorship given by the Minister of Education and Culture. We welcome the presence of this work as part of a monumental work within UPNVJ and can be a reference for other academics to produce quality scientific work, as well as a reference for decision makers to establish relevant policies. It is hoped that he will be able to dedicate his knowledge for the advancement of UPNVJ.

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