Excited Moments at the Judiciary and the Release of the 72nd FISIP UPNVJ Graduates

Public Relations UPNVJ - The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta is proud to hold the 72nd Graduation and Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, March 9 2024 -- an important moment in the academic journey to commemorate the achievements and successes of the best graduates.

The event, which was attended by faculty leaders and senate, academic staff, students, families and invited guests, was a moment full of enthusiasm and inspiration.

As a Senate representative, the Dean of FISIP Dr. S. Bekti Istiyanto, M.Sc., delivered welcoming remarks embracing the success of graduates and appreciating their dedication who have been working at FISIP UPNVJ for many years. The Judiciary and Discharge of the 72nd Graduates are clear evidence of their determination to complete their studies with excellence.

"This momentum is not only to let you go as graduates, but also a form of gratitude for your success in completing your studies as well as ushering you into a new world as adults who are ready to enter the world of work and society," explained Bekti.

As part of the event, FISIP UPNVJ also presented awards to outstanding students who have shown dedication and extraordinary achievements in various fields. Their success not only inspires, but also confirms their commitment to providing quality education that produces highly competitive individuals.

The achievement in the form of the highest GPA in FISIP was achieved by Baby Cahyaning Ratri from the Communication Science Study Program with a GPA of 3.9. Other non-GPA achievements were given to 25 graduates for their achievements in various fields.

One of the most anticipated highlights of this event was the motivational speech delivered by one of the successful alumni of FISIP UPNVJ, Tatag Bintara Yudha. Through inspiring experiences and stories, alumni provide valuable insight into how to pursue dreams, overcome obstacles, and achieve success in the real world.

The 72nd Judicial and Dismissal of Graduates is not the end of the academic journey, but also the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the graduates. FISIP UPNVJ hopes that graduates will continue to inspire and achieve success in their careers and lives. (*wit/PRUPNVJ)


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