Passing SNMPTN, Prospective UPNVJ Medical Students Undergo Health Tests


HumasUPNVJ - In an effort to prepare themselves to become medical and pharmacy students, prospective new students who are accepted into the UPN "Veteran" Jakarta SNMPTN route underwent a medical test, on Friday (03/29/19) at the UPN "Veteran" Jakarta Polyclinic.

A total of 36 prospective students including 30 medical students and 6 pharmacy students.

Tes_Kesehatann.JPG Cantika Vadia Aqli from Sindang 1 Public High School, Indramayu, expressed her gratitude for being able to take this health test easily “ In undergoing this medical test, I felt that it was very easy for the doctor to be friendly, they were taken one by one and the test results were also good, even though previously there was fear of blind tests. because color blindness is fatal, if you become a color blind doctor and thank God it went smoothly the results were also good, "he said.

On this occasion, Cantika Vadia Aqli and other prospective students. get a complete medical examination. The examination included measuring height and weight, psychological and physical tests as well as a color blindness test as a graduation requirement to become a medical and pharmacy student at UPN "Veteran" Jakarta.

Not only this, Cantika also shared her gratitude for passing the SNMPTN route and taking part in the stages of prospective new UPNVJ students "Thank God, finally, the parents' hopes came true, so the ambition to enter UPNVJ was quite high, and thank God, I actually passed and I didn't expect it because there was quite a lot of competition. especially from Jakarta ” he said.

Cantika has also started preparing herself and learning materials to be able to take the course well later.

"Right now I have also started preparing books of study material, borrowing books from seniors I know, so this holiday I will start studying even harder so that I am better prepared to enter college," he said.

On the occasion when interviewed, Cantika also shared tips for passing the Medical SNMPTN route at UPNVJ "The main thing is that there are 6 (six) subjects that must be improved in English, Indonesian, mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. These lessons must have good grades from grade 10 and if you can go up or stable at number 9. And to get that score, try to avoid things like dating, even though high school was the time when most people were dating, that's not wrong, but don't make it a priority and you have to be able to split time. Also try to play it during holidays not at school and try to take advantage of your youth by taking tutoring, study hours are starting to be packed to avoid negative activities and lastly the most important thing, don't forget to keep on praying," he concluded.

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