PROSFISI Expects the Establishment of a Bachelor of Film, Television and Media FISIP UPN "Veteran" Jakarta with National Defense Identity


Public Relations UPNVJ – Preparations for the establishment of the Undergraduate Film, Television and Media Study Program are being carried out more seriously by FISIP, UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. On Wednesday (22/11/2023) a workshop was held with Dr. Gerzon R. Ajawaila, Chair of the Indonesian Film and Television Study Program Association (PROSFISI). This activity aims to explore views and ideas regarding determining the uniqueness of the Film, Television and Media FISIP UPN "Veteran" Jakarta study program amidst the constellation of similar study programs in Indonesia.

Based on PROSFISI data, there are 22 universities that have Film and Television Study Programs spread throughout Indonesia. This number could increase considering that in recent years there have been several universities that have opened similar study programs but have not yet joined PROSFISI.

Some PROSFISI members determine the direction of their learning outcomes in animated films, television programs, film and television business, documentaries and fiction films. For the context of UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, Dr. Gerzon said that UPN "Veteran"'s identity as a state defense campus could be an asset in building the distinctiveness of the Film, Television and Media Study Program in the future. "No one has made defending the country and nationalism a specialty in the field of film and television studies," continued Dr. Gerzon, who is also a senior lecturer at FFTV IKJ.

Lastly, positively Dr. Gerzon again emphasized the strength of the national defense identity carried by UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. According to Dr. Gerzon, by having a strong identity of defending the country, the Film, Television and Media Study Program that will be developed by FISIP will be more interesting and specific. “Graduates can occupy both industrial and non-industrial niches. "For example, every government institution has a media center or censorship agency, that is a non-industry niche that can be filled by film and media studies graduates from UPNVJ," he continued.

Chair of the Team for the Establishment of the Undergraduate Film, Television and Media Study Program, FISIP UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, Firdaus Noor expressed his joy at the support from the Chair of PROSFISI and this was a very meaningful injection of enthusiasm in the process of establishing the Undergraduate Film, Television Study Program , and Media, FISIP UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. “The input and considerations given by Mas Gerzon are very meaningful. "He can show how we can utilize the national defense identity attached to our institutions as a strength for our study programs in the future," he explained. (IM)

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