FISIP UPNVJ Explore the Undergraduate Curriculum Structure-Film, Television and Media with UPI & Caffeine


Public Relations UPNVJ - Consolidation in preparation for the Bachelor of Film, Television and Media study program has been carried out again. This time the FISIP UPNVJ Undergraduate Film, Television and Media Study Program Establishment Team had a warm discussion with Hery Supiarza, Chair of the Film and Television Study Program, Faculty of Art and Design Education (FPSD), Indonesian Education University (UPI) Bandung and Tito Imanda, Chair of the Film Review Association Indonesia (Caffeine), at FISIP UPN “Veteran” Jakarta, Thursday (23/11/2023).

Hery Supiarza, Chair of the UPI Bandung Film and Television Study Program, explained that the Film and TV Study Program is one of the students' favorites. So there needs to be a mature curriculum so that graduates are ready to face the industrial world. For this reason, strengthening the curriculum in study programs is important. "Documentary film material is mandatory in semester 3 because it is the basis," said Hery, Thursday (23/11/2023).

Apart from that, Hery also prepared his students to face the Independent Campus Learning (MBKM) program. Before facing MBKM, students must conduct a research proposal seminar (sempro) as an initial concept for a documentary film. “Documentary assignments will be carried out individually. Then it will be articulated through journal writing and sent. "This process will be finalized when students also undertake the previous MBKM program," he added.

Meanwhile, Tito Imanda, Chair of the Indonesian Film Review Association (Kaffein) stated that there are 2 areas that must be discussed in films, namely review and creation or production. So these two areas must be the focus in in-depth material about films. This can be combined with a diverse knowledge of film, which can touch on things like anthropology, social affairs, politics and psychology.

“There is one theory that arises from the similarity of the film itself, namely formal films. Sometimes referred to as formal film theory or formalism or film formalism. "This must be understood well," he explained.

Tito believes that making a film based on studies or research will give strength to the film. So the study side needs to receive attention, so that films in Indonesia have quality and competitiveness compared to films from other countries.

Chair of the Team for the Establishment of the Film, TV and Media study program, FISIP UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, Firdaus Noor explained that the discussions that took place were quite dynamic and gave a new color to the team. Firdaus said that the results of the discussion were very valuable capital to realize the Bachelor of Film, Television and Media study program at FISIP, UPN "Veteran" Jakarta.

"Of course we will look for common threads and interesting conclusions from the results of this discussion. "So we can prepare the study program as well as possible," he concluded. (DS)

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