UPNVJ Signs MoU with South Barito Regent


Public Relations UPNVJ - As a step to improve education and health services in South Barito, Central Kalimantan, the Chancellor of UPN Veteran Jakarta (UPNVJ) received a visit and signed an MoU with the Regent of South Barito in the Nusantara Room, UPNVJ Pondok Labu Campus, on Wednesday (29/11/23).

The Chancellor of UPNVJ and his staff directly received a visit from Deddy Winarwan, Regent of South Barito.

On this occasion, Deddy conveyed several things related to regional developments that he and his team had carried out.

"Previously, we carried out a performance evaluation with several results that may not have been satisfactory. "This data was taken from before my team and I took office, where there was data on high rates of poverty and stunting in our area," said Deddy.

“Finally, we created a superior program to boost the results we wanted. "Thank God, we can be appreciated at the presidential palace where we can reduce poverty, even though the figure is not significant," he explained.

Deddy also said that several programs that he and his team created also opened up opportunities for collaboration with several universities, one of which was UPNVJ.

"I hope that education and health services must be accessible to all regions and levels of society. For health and education we have budgeted where previously there was no budget because after we visited many areas that were not served by previous regional officials, we ended up with lots of early marriages, pregnancies. "Young age is the trigger for the current problems. Education that is not widespread is also one of the triggers," said Deddy

In this case Dr. Anter Venus, Chancellor of UPNVJ, really appreciates all the efforts that have been made by the Regent of South Barito.

To introduce and adapt to the needs of the South Barito area, the Chancellor introduced several faculties which could later be adjusted to needs.

In this case, the Chancellor also agreed to the affirmation for the South Barito Community, which is limited in number.

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