FISIP UPNVJ Disseminates Research on Indonesian Islamic Thinkers at Waseda University

Public RelationsUPNVJ - Three lecturers from the International Relations Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta disseminated their research at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday, November 30 2023.

The research in question is entitled "Tracing the Development of Indonesian Muslim Scholars towards Western Discourse Post 9/11."

The main researcher is Dr. Musa Maliki, assisted by Jati Satrio, MA and Dini Putri Saraswati, MA. Under the UPN "Veteran" Jakarta International Cooperation Research scheme (RIKIN UPNVJ), the researchers collaborated with Prof. Miichi Ken, an Indonesianist who focuses on Islamic and political studies in Southeast Asian regional studies, is the research supervisor.

"Indonesian Muslim thinkers are still unable to direct their own agenda independently. They are not yet able to produce knowledge, such as about gender equality, climate change and technological developments," said Musa about the results of his research.

"This is due to the lack of internal reconciliation, so that Indonesian Islamic thinkers often fight among themselves and seem to only be reactionist in responding to global issues," he continued.

Responding to the research presentation, Prof. Miichi expressed his view that "In this research, the definition of Western concepts needs to be strengthened and explained in more detail."

"You need to be careful when conducting research so as not to fall into excessive generalizations which can weaken arguments," said Prof. Miichi.


The students who joined the discussion also asked various questions and responded to the researcher's presentation. They are postgraduate students who participated in the seminar "Religions and Politics in Southeast Asia" taught by Prof. Miichi. There is interest from them in knowing Islamic thought in Indonesia in relation to global political constellations which are not yet well known in Japan.

Prof. Miichi welcomed the dissemination activities and stated that the students got a lot of inspiration from the discussions that took place. He also appreciated the enthusiasm of UPNVJ researchers who came all the way to Japan to produce quality work.

The dissemination of the research above shows the commitment of the FISIP UPNVJ academic community in developing international standard research and establishing research collaboration networks with global level researchers. Waseda University is a university that is ranked in the QS top 200 in the world, while in the fields of politics and international studies it is ranked second.

"I think this international collaboration is very appropriate and needs to continue in the future," said Musa.

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