The spirit of defending the country in the UPNVJ Menwa Alumni Gathering and Dialogue


Public RelationsUPNVJ - The student regiment is part of the existence of the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University as a National Defense Campus. Their existence is very important because they are role models in implementing the values of National Defense.

This was conveyed by the Chancellor of UPNVJ Dr. Anter Venus, MA.Comm in the Alumni Gathering & Dialogue event with the theme "Strengthening National Defense Values" which was held at the UPNVJ Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Auditorium on Saturday, December 2 2023.

This event is part of a series of UPNVJ 46th Anniversary activities. "The Menwa are also guardians of the implementation of the values of tolerance, peace and unity," said Venus.

"UPNVJ leadership encourages the institutional revitalization of Menwa, reactivates activities with existing Menwa members, and encourages them to collaborate with alumni and other campus Menwa," continued the chancellor.

The Alumni Gathering and Dialogue also included the launch of the KUMAU website, which is an abbreviation for UPNVJ Menwa Alumni Corps. Venus said the launch of this website was a monumental step towards openness of information, a source of job vacancies, internships, and also the success of Menwa UPNVJ alumni.

"KUMAU is not just a website, but a world gateway for every student and alumni to seek inspiration, build networks and find valuable opportunities," said Venus.

Still at the same moment, the electronic magazine (e-magazine) Menwa UPNVJ was also published. Through this magazine, UPNVJ academics can explore the inspiring stories, extraordinary achievements and success trails of UPNVJ Menwa.

This database, continued Venus, is not just an archive but a "treasure" that can enrich our steps forward. "Let's make the KUMAU website and e-magazine a loyal friend who encourages and motivates us every step of the way," said Venus.

The Real Contribution of Menwa UPNVJ Alumni

Meanwhile, UPNVJ together with the Menwa plans to hold a mass circumcision activity as a form of real concern for the sons of UPNVJ employees and also the community around the campus.

This mass circumcision is in accordance with the UPNVJ Community Territory concept, where the community around the campus is part of the UPNVJ family.

Finally, Venus expressed her gratitude to the Menwa UPNVJ alumni who had encouraged the spirit of togetherness. He also thanked the UPNVJ Menwa for their dedication, care and real contribution.

"You are unsung heroes who continue to inspire and color the success story of this campus," said Venus.

"Let's welcome the future together with burning enthusiasm and optimism. Greetings to defend the country," he concluded.

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