UPNVJ Hosts "Advanced Manufacturing 2023" Workshop


Public RelationsUPNVJ - National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta hosted a workshop entitled "Advanced Manufacturing 2023" on Friday, December 1 2023, which presented a range of leading experts in the fields of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Materials and Simulation.

Taking place at the MERCe UPNVJ Limo Campus Auditorium from 08.00 to 17.00 WIB, this event attracted the attention of students, researchers and industry practitioners.

Some of the main speakers who participated in this workshop include Dr. Eng. Marcel Graf and Dr. Eng. Andre Halsig from the TU Chemnitz Germany Delegation, Prof. Dr. Ing Yupiter from the UiTM Mara Malaysia Delegation, as well as Assistant Prof. Dr. Armansyah, a leading lecturer from the mechanical engineering department.

This workshop presents a variety of interesting topics, including the latest understanding of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, the latest materials, and the application of simulation in manufacturing processes. Participants can expand their knowledge and understand the latest developments in the manufacturing industry.

Not only was it a learning event, this event also facilitated the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) represented by Deputy Dean 3 of the UPNVJ Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Nanang Alamsyah, ST, MT, IPM.

The signing of the MOU reflects a commitment to strengthen cooperation between UPNVJ and various related parties, as well as opening opportunities for further collaboration and research in the future.

"Advanced Manufacturing 2023" is expected to be an inspiring platform for participants, motivate innovation in the manufacturing industry, and encourage broader knowledge exchange among experts and practitioners.

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