Together with the General Public, UPNVJ Strengthens Friendship Through Fun Bike 2023


Public Relations UPNVJ - Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University is again holding a Fun Bike activity on Saturday, December 2 2023, which is part of the series of UPNVJ's 46th Anniversary. Different from previous years, Fun Bike 2023 also involves the general public.

Routinely held every year, Fun Bike 2023 involves 200 participants who are a combination of the general public and UPNVJ academics.

"Fun Bike is part of the celebration function of the Anniversary. So this activity must be fun. There is no competition, only cooperation and joy," said UPNVJ Chancellor Dr. Anter Venus, MA.Comm when starting the 2023 Fun Bike activity at UPNVJ's Pondok Labu Campus.

Also attending the event, UPNVJ Acting Deputy Chancellor for General Affairs and Finance Prof. Dr. Prasetyo Hadi, SE., MM., CFMP said that the 2023 Fun Bike activity went well and safely.

According to him, this cheap and cheerful sports activity has many benefits, especially in building friendship and togetherness among the UPNVJ academic community. Especially this year, this familiarity can be extended to the general public.

For internal circles, Fun Bike 2023 can strengthen the communication process and convey various information related to UPNVJ which is currently trying to achieve various performance targets.

"With this communication, we will have more views, insight and knowledge. There are important things that can be obtained from alumni and retired officers," said Prasetyo.

"There is also communication between lecturers and teaching staff. There is familiarity, friendship and togetherness. We can further strengthen synergy for the progress of UPNVJ," he concluded.

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