Entering the Grand Final, Five Finalists for the 2024 UPNVJ Presidential Election Undergo Public Tests at University Level

Public Relations UPNVJ – The Independent Campus Learning Policy (MBKM) initiated by the Minister of Education and Culture encourages students to not only excel in academics, but also to become individuals who are creative, innovative, highly competitive and have character.

In this regard, UPN "Veteran" Jakarta (UPNVJ) is organizing a program in the field of achievement development, namely the Selection of Outstanding Students (Pilmapres) at university level for diploma and undergraduate programs.

The initial selection process was carried out at the faculty level and started on February 24. From this faculty level selection, five students were found who were worthy of being finalists for selection at the university level, they were:

1. Muhammad Israfil, NIM 2210701023, D3 Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences

2. Winda Husni Arifah, NIM 2110211006, Bachelor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

3. Fairuz Mumtaz Abafiyah Putri, NIM 110611184, Bachelor of Laws, Faculty of Law

4. Jannatul Jasmine, NIM 2110116053, Bachelor of Sharia Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business

5. Siti Halwa Khoirinnisa Zahra, NIM 2110715021, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences

After successfully passing the file and administration selection at the faculty level, today, Friday, March 22 2024, the five finalists took the presidential election public test at the university level. Activities held at the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Auditorium.

"Good luck to fellow students in this national event. You also need to know that this assessment is not only based on achievements but also on the results of the scientific work you have so that achievements and scientific work can be synergistic." Said the Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs and Cooperation, Dr.dr. Ria Maria Theresa, SpKJ., MH in her speech when opening the 2024 UPNVJ Presidential Election Public Test event.

The finalists will undergo a series of competition tests and presentations in front of five assessors consisting of experts in their respective fields. The presentations in this case are about creative ideas (for undergraduate programs) and innovative products (for diploma programs) submitted by each finalist.

After that, each assessor was invited to ask questions so that the finalists could explain their research results in more depth.

The assessment of the excellence of outstanding students will be evaluated from the aspects of knowledge and skills as well as life skills, including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and other superior characteristics.

In more detail, assessment and selection are based on three things, namely: 1) Superior achievements, namely a recapitulation of student achievements during college including ethics, attitudes and public speaking , 2) Scientific work, namely scientific writing written by finalists with the SDGs theme, 3 ) English language skills include speaking and writing .

Winners of university level outstanding students will later have the right to represent UPNVJ in the national level selection competition for outstanding students held by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

It is hoped that the university-level presidential election will not only be a competition event, but also a momentum for students to continue to develop and contribute positively to the surrounding environment. (sf)

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