UPNVJ Opens 50% Quota for SNBT 2024

Public Relations UPNVJ - SNBT is an abbreviation for Test-Based National Selection. The SNBT test is carried out based on a computer-based test called UTBK or Computer-Based Writing Exam.

SNBT is one of the routes to enter State Universities (PTN) and one of the selection routes to become part of the Jakarta Veteran National Development University (UPNVJ) student body.

Based on its provisions, the government or the central committee for the National Selection for New Student Admissions (SNPMB) in 2024 determines the number of SNBT quotas opened by PTNs of at least 40%.

Seeing UPNVJ's continued increasing interest in implementing SNBT, UPNVJ made provisions by adding 10% of the SNBT quota so that
UPNVJ's total SNBT quota is 50%.

This is stated in the Chancellor's Decree Number 296/UN61.0/HK.03/2024 concerning the capacity for accepting new students for the third diploma program and the UPN "Veteran" Jakarta undergraduate program

If you want to see the complete capacity of each study program, you can check the page www.penmaru.upnvj.ac.id or click on the link https://penmaru.upnvj.ac.id/id/sarjana-s-1/ utbk-snbt.html


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