For the first time, UPNVJ Public Relations fulfilled the invitation to socialize Penmaru to the island of Sumatra

Public Relations UPNVJ - For the first time, the Public Relations of the National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta received an invitation to visit a promotional outreach regarding new student admission patterns to the island of Sumatra, specifically in South Tapanulis Regency, North Sumatra, Medan. UPNVJ Public Relations was invited directly by the Darul Mursyid Integrated Private Madrasah Aliyah (Pesantren). (6/3)

Disa Prihantini and Safira Hairulnisah were trusted to represent the agency to provide material regarding the UPNVJ penmaru. Starting from the entry flow, differences in patterns from previous years, education costs to tips and tricks, "UPNVJ will definitely see students who have brilliant achievements both in the academic and non-academic fields. Please note, this year there are several policy differences between National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP), National Selection Based on Computer-Based Written Tests (SNBT-UTBK), and Independent Selection (SEMA) from 2023 and this year, 2024. Prospective new students must carefully read the information in detail. "Don't just choose the study program or college that you are interested in because if you take the wrong step at the start, it will affect everything that comes after," said Disa during her presentation.

Mukmin, as head of MA Darul Mursyid, expressed his appreciation to UPNVJ public relations for providing material that was extraordinarily different from previous presenters. This was also confirmed directly by the Deputy Director of MA Darul Mursyid, Ahmad Suhaili Pulungan, he said, UPNVJ Public Relations explained in very detail and enthusiasm so that the students from our Islamic boarding school were enthusiastic and enthusiastic even though this socialization was held late at night, "Wow, I I think this is an extraordinary presentation, it's not wrong for us to invite UPNVJ public relations to come all the way across the ocean to our Islamic boarding school which is located very remote. all the information conveyed was very accurate, the way the resource person presented it was interesting so that our children were enthusiastic about asking and answering questions and were very confident in choosing UPNVJ. "Hopefully this is the start of a good relationship between us and UPNVJ," he concluded enthusiastically

It's unusual indeed, for UPNVJ Public Relations to get this huge opportunity, to be able to come directly to visit schools outside Java, considering that as a State University which is strategically located in the capital city of Jakarta, UPNVJ is worthy of embracing all levels of society, especially in remote areas.

Disa and Safir also saw that there were many opportunities for MA Darul Mursyid students because at the beginning of this year alone there were more than 30 students who won national championships in both academic and non-academic fields. (*sa/public relationsUPNVJ)

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