Holding Working Team Meeting, FEB UPNVJ Committed to Realizing an Integrity Zone Towards WBK

Public RelationsUPNVJ - In following up efforts to encourage the creation of a culture of integrity and prevent corruption in government and private environments, the Faculty of Economics and Business at the National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta held an Integrity Zone working team meeting in the FEB meeting room, Pondok Labu campus, Jakarta on Thursday, March 21 2024 .

The activity was attended by the dean's ranks, work team members, and other related parties who have a role in implementing the Integrity Zone program.

The work team meeting was held to ensure that the Integrity Zone program can run well and be effective in creating a work environment that is free from corruption and full of integrity.

Opened by the Dean of FEB Dr. Jubaedah, it was stated that the Integrity Zone team must be committed together in achieving a Corruption Free Zone (WBK).

Deputy Chairman 1 Muhaswad Dwiyanto explained that WBK is a predicate given to a work unit/work unit that has succeeded in implementing bureaucratic reform well, fulfilling most of the criteria for the improvement process in the leverage component, as well as realizing clean and accountable government and excellent public services.

"The important things that must be done in achieving ZI-WBK/WBBM are understanding what organizational performance is. Make sure that what will be done is in accordance with the goals of establishing the organization, starting with building the ZI-WBK/WBBM infrastructure, namely who is responsible for "becomes a motor in every component," explained Muhaswad.

Yudi Nur as Deputy Chair 2 hopes that the title of Integrity Zone towards WBK and Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area (WBBM) will be the starting gate in realizing a clean and serving bureaucracy. It is hoped that the successful construction of the Integrity Zone will increase public trust, especially within the FEB UNPNVJ environment. (*wit/PRUPNVJ)

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