FEB UPNVJ Judicial Participants Receive Briefing with the Theme 'Future Adventure'

Public Relations UPNVJ - In order to prepare and enter a new world after graduating from college, the Faculty of Economics and Business at the Jakarta "Veteran" Development University conducted student graduation activities for graduates of the Even Semester FY 2023/2024 on Saturday (9/3/2024).

Previously, this activity began with a formal senate open session meeting attended by members of the senate and judiciary participants.

After the open session meeting was over, the activity continued with the student debriefing presented by a resource person who was competent in his field, namely Iqbal N Suwitamihardja. This semester's judicial briefing carries the theme TREASURE: Take a Chance and Get Ready for The Next Adventure.

On this occasion, Iqbal explained how graduates and female graduates could prepare themselves in terms of Interpersonal Skills in facing the world of work.

"We have to believe in ourselves. The key that you have to unlock after today is professionalism. Whatever you want to become in the future, you have to stick to professionalism and have to be good at speaking," said Iqbal.

The presentation of material by the resource person lasted for two hours. The essence of Iqbal's explanation is, when we start entering the world of work, we all have to be confident in speaking/self-confident and also in grooming which includes elements of smile, eyes and attitude. (*wit/PRUPNVJ)


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