FEB UPNVJ Holds Judicial Training for Odd Semester Graduates 2023/2024

Public Relations UPNVJ - The Faculty of Economics and Business, Jakarta "Veteran" Development University held a graduation activity for students graduating from the odd semester of the 2023/2024 academic year on Saturday (9/3/2024).

A total of 484 judicial participants from the Management, Accounting, Development Economics and Sharia Economics study programs took part in the activity, which began with the opening of an open senate meeting.

In her speech, the Dean of FEB, Mrs. Dr. Jubaedah, SE, MM admitted that he was proud of the students participating in the judiciary because they had reached this point.

"Here I see prospective successful and proud people who will bring the good name of the alma mater. Today is the fruit of your hard work during your studies," said Jubaedah.

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching lessons. You must continue to improve your competencies and abilities, especially learning skills, literacy skills and life skills."

"Representing the FEB UPNVJ Academic Community, I as the Dean would like to congratulate the students participating in the judiciary on their success in achieving master's and bachelor's degrees," he continued.

After the dean's speech, the event continued with a brief presentation from the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Anwar Fathoni, LC., MA., CDIF. "Every time you have big dreams, focus on your goals, because surely along the way, many people will underestimate us, but if we focus on our goals and dreams, then there will be the energy of the universe to support us," he said.

In the 2023/2024 Odd semester judiciary, five students received the outstanding student award, including Afif Deni Irawan with a GPA of 3.90, Vira Ardhia Pramesthi GPA 3.84, Christeven Manaek GPA 3.76, Muhammad Azka Syafrizal GPA 3.82, and Dina Dhia GPA 3.82.

The event was held with a message impression session delivered by one of the outstanding students, Muhammad Azka Syafrizal from the Development Economics study program.

"For arriving at this point, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the deans who have facilitated the development of excellent student capabilities," he said.

"For the three years I have been in a Faculty Level organization, I have felt really helped and considered as a partner and family. When there are aspirations from students, they are always heard and always open when invited to dialogue. For that I say thank you and I am proud to be a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business, UPN Jakarta Veterans."

"To all my friends, time is fleeting but our friendship will remain eternal," said Azka when conveying his message," concluded Muhammad Azka.

The dean closed the open session of the senate meeting, and the senate members left the judiciary room. The activity ended with the appearance of FEB ambassador representatives through a singing performance which further enlivened the judicial ceremonial event for the odd semester of FY 2023/2024. (*wit/PRUPNVJ)

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