The spirit of growth and development at the 31st Anniversary of FEB UPNVJ

Public Relations UPNVJ - The Faculty of Economics and Business, National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta held the peak of its 31st Anniversary celebration with the theme EXPRESSION: Growing and Developing Together Towards a Superior FEB.

This theme is taken from the words Energy, Appreciation and Achievement which are shortened to EXPRESSION. Through this theme, it is hoped that the FEB UPNVJ academic community will mobilize all their energy to appreciate academic and non-academic abilities in achieving joint achievements in order to grow and develop together towards a Superior FEB.

On this occasion, Dr. Miguna Astuti as Chair of the Committee delivered a report as well as opening the peak event of the Dies Natalis.

"Today is a special occasion that fills us with a sense of pride and gratitude. We are all gathered here to celebrate the 31st Anniversary of the Faculty of Economics and Business," said Dr Miguna.

Several series of FEB UPNVJ anniversary events include bazaar activities, book reviews entitled "Company Budgeting in an Islamic Perspective," business plan competitions and national scale scientific writing competitions, as well as social service activities.

Dean of FEB UPNVJ Dr. Jubaedah in his speech said that Dies Natalis is not only about the euphoria of birthday celebrations, but also about celebrating the achievements, successes and accomplishments of all of us as part of the organization.

"There are many inspiring stories, innovative research, and extraordinary contributions that have made FEB a faculty with an excellent reputation, such as achieving FIBAA international accreditation for 4 undergraduate study programs and increasing the achievement of performance achievement indicators/IKK agreements "Dean and Chancellor work from 90% to 93%," said Dr Jubaedah.

"I, as dean, feel very proud and honored to be here with all the attendees not only to celebrate a very important historical milestone for our beloved FEB but also to appreciate the extraordinary journey we have gone through together, reflecting on how we have grown, developed , and evolve into a faculty that is tough, accomplished and EXCELLENT."

"As part of the economics faculty, let's continue this journey with a spirit of togetherness, excellence, integrity and collaboration. Let's make the 2024 FEB Anniversary a momentum to strengthen and strengthen the bonds of performance of the entire academic community, fight for the achievement of the vision and mission, and their hopes can inspire other faculties," said Dr Jubaedah.

Deputy Chancellor for General Affairs and Finance and Dean of FEB for the 2016 – 2019 period, Prof. Prasetyo Hadi, was present to represent the Chancellor of UPNVJ in appreciating the special momentum of the 31st Anniversary of FEB UPNVJ. A long journey that not only reflects the passing of time, but also the extraordinary success and dedication of the FEB UPNVJ alumni.

On this special day, former FEB deans were also present, one of which was the first FEB dean, Dr. Ir. H. Iskandar Andi Nuhung, M.Sc, who held this position in the 1993-1999 period. UPNVJ Chancellor Dr. Anter Venus, MA, Comm and former UPNVJ Chancellors were also present to enliven the peak event of this anniversary.

Dr Venus said that FEB UPNVJ must be a locomotive to attract other faculties in achieving the Main Performance Indicators and Dean's PK. Previous chancellors were also present to congratulate FEB directly on its 31st anniversary. They hope that FEB can continue to become an increasingly advanced and successful faculty. (*wit/PRUPNVJ)


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