Presenting KSP Moeldoko, UPNVJ Holds Public Lecture on Commitment Towards a Golden Indonesia 2045

Public RelationsUPNVJ - National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta held a public lecture featuring the Chief of Presidential Staff (KSP), General TNI (Ret.) Dr. H. Moeldoko, M.Si with the theme "Higher Education Commitment to Realizing the Vision of Golden Indonesia 2045."

The event, which was held at the UPNVJ Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Auditorium on Thursday, March 14 2024, marked the national commitment to improving the world of education and developing Indonesia's Human Resources (HR). This public lecture was not only attended by active UPNVJ students, but also lecturers and teaching staff who took part in very active discussion sessions.


In his speech, UPNVJ Chancellor Dr. Anter Venus, MAKom, said that "the presence of a very authoritative figure in providing views on the future of this nation marks an important moment."

"This public lecture discusses the importance of preparing quality human resources who are committed to the country," said Venus.

KSP Moeldoko explained in this public lecture that managing a country the size of Indonesia is not easy, because it is faced with various complex challenges. He highlighted the rapid changes in the world, including the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and global geopolitical conflicts such as the Russo-Ukrainian War and the prolonged Palestinian-Israeli conflict which also had an impact on Indonesia.

"In facing this challenge, improving the quality of human resources is the main key. Indonesia needs to focus on infrastructure development, simplifying regulations and bureaucracy, as well as economic transformation towards a green economy," explained KSP Moeldoko.

Golden Indonesia Vision 2045

He said that President Joko Widodo had emphasized the importance of preparing human resources as the main strategy in utilizing the demographic bonus which is expected to peak in 2030 towards a Golden Indonesia 2045.

Highlighting Indonesia's potential, KSP Moeldoko emphasized that this country has large capital in the form of natural resources, infrastructure, economic capital, as well as social and human capital. He emphasized the importance of utilizing creativity, innovation and leadership spirit to optimize this potential.

In the question and answer session, KSP Moeldoko answered various questions related to government policy, nationalism and investment issues. He emphasized the importance of reducing motor vehicle emissions by encouraging the industrialization of electric vehicles.

Apart from that, KSP Moeldoko also discussed the importance of understanding indicators of foreign investors' interest in Indonesia, as well as explaining to the audience the rules regarding foreign workers working in Indonesia.

Ending the public lecture, KSP Moeldoko emphasized that the young generation is not the heir, but the determinant of the future. Indonesia's future depends on the enthusiasm, creativity and leadership of the young generation.

This public lecture provides an in-depth view of the challenges and opportunities faced by Indonesia in achieving the vision of a Golden Indonesia 2045. With the joint commitment of various parties, it is hoped that Indonesia can realize its potential as a developed and highly competitive country on the global stage.


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