UPNVJ Public Relations Wins Two National Champion Categories at the 2019 Ristekdikti Public Relations Award


HumasUPNVJ - Public Relations is a source of information within an institution. Public Relations has an important role in opening up space for the public to gain access to information. As a form of monitoring and evaluating the performance and success of fostering public relations institutions within the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti), the Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau (KSKP) conducts annual measurements and again gives awards to public relations institutions that perform well through the Public Relations Award event. Ristekdikti. Aspects assessed in this award include quality and management of pages, social media, and media relations. Participant categories in this event include PTN Legal Entities, Public Service Agency PTNs, Work Unit PTNs, Polytechnics, LLDikti, and LPNK Kemenristekdikti.

Through the minutes announced by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, on December 4 2019 the best institution was determined in the Ristekdikti Public Relations Award. Thanks to extraordinary hard work and effort, Public Relations of UPN "Veteran" Jakarta (UPNVJ) won two categories at the same time in the PTN Satker group in the event, namely as the 2nd best in the media relations category and the 3rd best in the Social Media category. With this achievement, UPNVJ can beat many other PTN Satker participants.

The Chancellor of UPNVJ, Erna Hernawati congratulated and appreciated the UPNVJ public relations team and hoped that the public relations team would always be enthusiastic about giving the best work for UPNVJ.

Anter Venus as the vice chancellor for academic affairs also congratulated and supported the UPNVJ public relations team, "This championship is a proud achievement and will be recorded in history. Our public relations team is extraordinary, the results will not deny the effort, your commitment to the progress of the institution makes the public relations team work optimally so as to produce maximum results as well. he said


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