Cynthia Ayu FIKES Student Wins Achievements at the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Philippines 2020


An encouraging achievement came from a student at the Jakarta Veterans National Development University, 2016 Undergraduate Public Health Study Program, named Chyntia Ayu Andarini 1610713108. Sponsored by PT Nindya Karya, Chyntia became one of the delegates from Indonesia at the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange (APYE) program in Manila , Philippines. This program successfully ran on January 7-18 2020, involving delegates from various countries, such as Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, India and other countries.


APYE Manila 2020 focuses on empowering young people to actively participate directly in realizing the values of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs is the world's development agenda for the sustainability and welfare of humans and the Earth which consists of 17 points. The 11th SDGs point, which is to build quality, safe and sustainable cities and settlements, is Chyntia's focus at APYE Manila.

Cynthia managed to make an achievement, namely getting the best proposal award at the 9th event of APYE Manila. The team's proposal, entitled BALI-BAGO: A District for Change , contains solutions for better waste management and the development of eco-tourism in the Balibago district. The process of preparing this proposal itself took about 4 days, namely 10-14 January 2020. Then, Cynthia and her team presented the BALI-BAGO: A District for Change proposal in front of local government bodies and academics, to be precise during the APYE Manila 2020 symposium which was held 15-17 January 2020. The award for the best proposal is not a joke, because Cynthia and her friends have to collect data, analyze it to find solutions that are accurate, right on target, and provide direct benefits to the people of the Balibago district. Congratulations Cynthia! (wut)

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