UPNVJ FK Students Again Win National Achievements at UNILA

Students of the Faculty of Medicine, Jakarta Veterans National Development University (FK UPNVJ) who are members of the VERSA (Veteran Education Research and Science Association), made achievements at the national level by winning first place in a public poster at the 2020 Indonesia Medical Student Summit in Bandar Lampung which was held by the University Lampung,

This was emphasized by the Deputy Dean III of FK UPNVJ, Drs. Lomo Mula Tua, MM to UPNVJ public relations Monday (17/2/2020). It was explained that the students were Renasya Nur Sarifah and Sarah Salsabilla Gaeahanny. Both are UPNVJ FK students and members of VERSA.



The poster that was produced, namely with the theme of mental health, and entitled "Millennials respond to depression, Realize by HUGS overcome by Embracing" managed to get the jury to give high marks to their team in the poster competition.

In that event the VERSA team managed to beat 19 teams from various universities such as Muhammadiyah University of Palembang, Sultan Agung Tirtayasa University, Indonesian Islamic University, Sriwijaya University, Eleven March University, Muhammadiyah University of Makasar, and Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta.

Met separately, Renasya Nur Sarifah and Sarah Salsabilla Gaeahanny felt proud to be able to make UPNVJ proud at the National level.

For him, our commitment and practice can show maximum results as well as support from UPNVJ Faculty of Medicine itself, he said.

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