To Advance the Quality of Learning, UPNVJ Holds Merdeka Campus Curriculum Review

Public Relations Team - Entering the new student admission period, UPN Veteran Jakarta (UPNVJ) keep improving their performance, especially in preparing study program curriculum, which before was considered as not-so-effective, it is focusing on preparing competent and adaptive students in the fluctuated world regarding to the principle of Link and Match with the industrial world.

Based on that basis, UPNVJ through the Institute for Learning Development and Quality Assurance (LP3M) held Merdeka Campus Curriculum Review which lasted for three days from 3 August to 6 August 2020 and it was attended by all Study Program Heads from five faculties of UPNVJ.

Significant changes in the industrial world encourage many Universities to compete to advance the quality of learning with the objectives of preparing students to compete in the industrial world, by mastering Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

Lidya Primta Surbakti, SE. MSi, Ak, CA as the Head of Learning Development at Learning Development and Quality Assurance Institute (LP3M) of UPNVJ, in her report said that "We are conducting activities of draft-review of Merdeka Curriculum made by every study programs which are helped by domestic and foreign reviewers. Previously, the Vice Rector in the Academic Field had given directions regarding the rules for implementing Merdeka Curriculum in UPNVJ and then the LP3M sent The Merdeka Curriculum (draft) from all of study programs (to reviewers) and afterwards We received input and recommendation from reviewers both from inside and outside the country." Said Lidya.

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