Artificial Intelligence is the Spotlight at the Jakarta "Veteran" UFO Class X Exhibition


Public Relations UPNVJ - UFO "Veteran" Jakarta, a student activity unit engaged in photography, videography and graphic design, held an event entitled the Generation X Exhibition at the Jakarta "Veteran" Development University Internet Plaza. The exhibition has been running since August 28, and closed at the BEJ FEB UPNVJ Hall on Saturday, September 16 2023.

Carrying the theme "Artificial," the aim of the Force X Exhibition is to capture the latest issues regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) which are already familiar in some people's minds.

In the closing session, there were a series of events such as awards for the best and most favorite photo and design work, a film premiere shot, a story sharing session, and an appearance from UKM UBV Jakarta.

The main actors involved in the Force X Exhibition -- from the preparation process, production to implementation -- are prospective permanent members of Force X UFO "Veteran" Jakarta.

This exhibition was held as a form of appreciation for the field of art, and is also the final project of Force X UFO "Veteran" Jakarta before they are confirmed as permanent members.

This activity was also carried out as a forum for Class X UFO "Veteran" Jakarta to express their creativity in the fields of photography, videography and graphic design.

Since its opening until the closing session, the Generation X Exhibition has been visited by many groups. From the internal side, the UPNVJ academic community, including elements of UKM, ORMAWA, and KSM, were present to enliven the event. Meanwhile for external parties, visitors came from a number of art communities in areas within and outside Jabodetabek.

It is hoped that holding this exhibition can motivate prospective Members of X UFO "Veteran" Jakarta to increase their creativity in the fields of photography, videography and graphic design. It is also hoped that the various works exhibited in this event will provide positive benefits to the general public.

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