The Spirit of Work-Life Balance in UPNVJ Rectorate Capacity Building

Public RelationsUPNVJ - The Rectorate of the National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta carried out capacity building activities in the Bandung area, West Java on 23-25 November 2023. The work units taking part in this activity include the General & Financial Bureau, UPT Public Relations, ULT, Personnel, BPU, Polyclinic, National Defense Study Center, International Affairs Office and UKPBJ.

UPNVJ Chancellor Dr. Anter Venus, MA.Comm was present directly at the activity, and said that capacity building was part of work-life balance or a balance between relaxation activities and the world of work.

"There needs to be balance in life. Apart from work, we also need to have fun. We need to be happy so that our mood is better and more relaxed," said Venus.

Momentary relaxation from the world of work is realized through various activities during capacity building, including breathing fresh air in the open air, playing paintball, and following the fast river flow through rafting activities.


Apart from having fun, this capacity building activity is also part of gratitude. Throughout 2023, UPNVJ has achieved many proud achievements.

One of them is the Government Agency Performance Accountability Report (LAKIP) at UPNVJ, which managed to rise from B to A. "We kept getting Bs, and wanting to get an A was difficult. But thank God, thanks to all of our hard work, now we got an A," said Venus .

Another proud achievement is that ten UPNVJ study programs succeeded in obtaining superior accreditation on an international scale. The UPNVJ Research Ethics Committee has also been recognized at the Asia Pacific level, and will receive permanent recognition because it has passed accreditation three times.

In the field of student affairs, UPNVJ students have achieved various achievements, ranging from choir competitions to martial arts. "Our silat fighters are national champions. In Sidoarjo, we won second place. In Cilacap, we were overall champions with 11 medals. This is an institutional and organizational achievement," said Venus.

"I appreciate this and say thank you. This will be our capital in building self-confidence that we can, that UPN can continue to move forward," he continued.

Venus hopes that all UPNVJ academics who take part in this capacity building activity will be fresher and more enthusiastic in achieving all performance targets when they return to their activities later.

"I am sure we can achieve anything, and my target in 2024 is to make UPNVJ accredited for excellence. We pray together," concluded Venus.

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