UPNVJ Communication Lecturer Teaches at Russia's RUDN University

Public RelationsUPNVJ - Communication Lecturer at the Jakarta "Veteran" Development University (UPNVJ) provides teaching to postgraduate students majoring in global journalism, Faculty of Philology, RUDN University (Peoples' Friendship University of Russia) 23 November 2023. This activity is an implementation of lecturer exchange activities between the two campuses that have been carried out walk.

Lecturer from UPNVJ, S. Bekti Istiyanto, who is the Dean of FISIP UPNVJ, gave a lecture with the theme "Communication for Solutions to Socio-Cultural Conflict, Case Study of the Role of Intercultural Communication in Indonesia). Meanwhile Munadhil Abdul Muqsith, Head of the Communication Science Department, explained the theme "Systems media in Indonesia" in the Media Economy class taught by Prof. Valerii Muzykant.

"The potential for social conflict due to ethnic differences and economic problems can have external impacts, especially horizontal conflicts. For example, students from Russia, China, Bangladesh and Iraq will certainly have the same problems. In Indonesia too, if there are 1,300 ethnicities that are not managed well, "It could be a big problem, it could even result in division," said Bekti.


Munadhil added in his presentation that the internet and social media are also a challenge at the moment. "Dependence on connections and smartphones can change social interaction behavior between people. For example, sending the wrong emote to colleagues, parents or teachers. This allows misperceptions to occur, and can even lead to conflict," he said.

Previously in the UPNVJ communication postgraduate class, collaborative activities with RUDN had been carried out with one of the lecturers in the mass media department, Prof. Valerii Muzykant. Previous teaching activities have been running in the Communication, Culture and Digital Media course for half a semester in the even semester 2022/2023.

Some of the publication outputs are in the form of book chapters, monographs, and more than 10 publications with several FISIP UPNVJ lecturers. RUDN University itself is one of the best campuses in Russia in the QS World University Rankings 2023, ranking 7th in all of Russia and 295th in the world.

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