UPNVJ together with the Jakarta Success Institute (LSJ) held a Campus Dialogue Roadshow



Public Relations UPNVJ - The Jakarta Success Institute (LSJ) which is supported by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and BPIP (Pancasila Ideology Development Agency) is holding a campus dialogue roadshow in order to build a movement to ground Pancasila at the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University (UPNVJ).

UPNVJ was the first choice in carrying out the campus dialogue roadshow which discussed the Regulations for the Development of Ideology and Implementation of Pancasila Values in Jakarta.

"God willing, this collaboration with the National Defense campus will provide new enthusiasm, commitment and energy in realizing the common goal of making Jakarta a Pancasila city. "God willing, all components in UPNVJ, starting from the MKWK team, National Defense Center, to UPNVJ state defense activists and thinkers are ready to work together for this noble goal," said Dr. Anter Venus, Chancellor of UPNVJ in his speech on Thursday (7/03/24).

In her speech, Venus also hoped that the audience could participate in this activity well and understand the discussion.

"I hope we can understand the discussion because this concerns the existence of our nation, this nation's noble commitment to Pancasila as a philosophical foundation (the nation's way of life) and also the embodiment of UPNVJ as a National Defense campus," added Venus.

This agenda was also attended by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Cooperation along with 80 students representing all UPNVJ faculties.

On this occasion, several resource persons were invited, including Anung Muchamat, M.ST, Chair of LSJ, dr. Salman Paris H. SpPD. KHOM.FINASIM, FK UPNVJ Lecturer AND Head of the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP), Prof. Drs. KH. Yudian Wahyudi MA, Ph.D.

This event takes place interactively, students can directly ask questions and answers with the resource person so that they get the same perception between the resource person and the students.



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