Spreading Happiness, DKM UPNVJ Distributes Takjil to Students During the Month of Ramadan

The Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM) of the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University (UPNVJ) and Uswah UPNVJ are again spreading happiness by distributing takjil and food to students during the month of Ramadan. Takjil distribution was carried out via drive thru in the hallway of the Manbaul Ulum Mosque and Al-Fikri UPNVJ Mosque.

Deputy chief executive, Farah Fauziah, a student of international relations Class of 2021, said that the conditions for taking takjil are very easy, just come to the mosque hall and read at least one page of the Koran.

"The conditions for taking takjil are very easy for students or UPNVJ extended families to come directly to the mosque hall and everything has been prepared. "But it's different with the boxed food that will be given, namely you have to read at least 1 page of the Koran first," he said.

He also explained that through this activity, he hopes that the entire UPNVJ family can strengthen ties between fellow students and increase social awareness in the community.

“Sharing takjil is not only a form of worship, but also a real form of kindness that has a positive impact on others. "The positive response from students and security officers on duty at the time who received takjil is proof that kindness is always appreciated and can bring happiness to many people," he said.

This activity is a series of Ramadan Celebration Events which are held every year, including Ramadhan Tarhib, Afternoon Study, Ramadhan Tarawih, Iftar on the road, and orphan compensation. This activity is also a collaboration between lecturers, education staff and students. Of course, this joint movement is a real form of UPNVJ in realizing the values of defending the country.


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