UPNVJ Holds National Seminar on the Role of Higher Education and Achieving SDGs

The Law Faculty of the National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta held a National Seminar on The 6th National Conference of Laws Studies (NCOLS) on Monday, April 22 2024. With the theme "The Role of Higher Education in the Actualization of National Defense Through the Formulation of Environmental Sector Policy in Achieving the SDGs," This seminar was held to commemorate the 24th Anniversary of FH UPNVJ.

In this national seminar, UPNVJ invited Dr. Ir. Ilyas Asaad, MP, MH who is an expert for the Minister of Environment and Forestry in the Field of Legal Legislation and Advocacy as Keynote Speaker.

Several other speakers were also invited, including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nur Erzan Rahmat who is the Dean of the Faculty of Law, MARA Technology University (Malaysia), Dr. Wahyu Nugroho, SH., MH, an environmental law expert from Sahid University Jakarta, Dr. Diani Sadiawati, SH. LL.M. who is special staff in the area of IKN's Sustainable Development Goals, and also Leonard Simanjutak as Country Director for Indonesia Greenpeace. This seminar was attended by lecturers, education staff and FH UPNVJ students.

In this seminar, it was stated that higher education is one of the institutions that is able to actively contribute and participate in efforts to improve the quality of the global environment. In higher education, the results of education, research and community service can be empowered to implement the latest theories resulting from research in order to build a more decent and quality global world.

Not only that, universities also have a role in contributing the results of their thinking to the government in an effort to provide input for policy determination, whether in the form of regulations, decisions and policies at the national or regional level.

Environmental sustainability is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is a common goal to achieve a decent and quality livelihood in all fields.

This seminar activity was accompanied directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Suherman, SH, LL.M., along with the ranks of the Dean of the Faculty of Law. The keynote speakers and resource persons provided a lot of constructive input and opened the mindset of the NCOLs participants to always protect our beloved Earth.


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