Commemorating Earth Day, UPNVJ Academic Community Plants Coffee & Avocado Seedlings

The academic community of the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University (UPNVJ) also celebrated the 54th Earth Day 2024 by holding simultaneous planting of coffee tree seedlings & avocados in the UPNVJ environment, Monday (22/4/24).

Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs & Cooperation, Ria Maria Theresa, said that the implementation of this activity was a very important moment, because according to her it was part of the leadership's efforts to preserve the environment.

"This program is carried out to always protect the environment from uncontrolled air pollution. Apart from that, today's activity is a response that we carry out to increase awareness of small samples of waste in the canteen which we must keep clean. The entire UPNVJ family, starting from students, lecturers so that employees must remember that we all have to be responsible for the waste that each of us produces. Your waste is your responsibility," explained Ria.

This activity is in collaboration with the UPNVJ student activity unit, namely Mapala. The chief executive, Alya Triananda Putri Kaluku, student of the Faculty of Computer Science class of 2021, said that planting tree seedlings was a form of student concern for environmental sustainability, and was an active effort to care for the earth to green the area around the UPNVJ area.

"Planting these tree seedlings in the next four to five years will provide comfort and healthy air quality for the UPNVJ extended family, apart from that, the benefits of the planted coffee trees can then be made into tea that can be consumed," he said.


This activity also featured a community figure, the head of the Sanggah Buana environmental farmer group, Babeh Khairudin, who provided education regarding planting coffee tree seeds and their future use. Bebe Khairudin also gave a memento of a Liberica coffee tree to be planted in front of the UPNVJ rectorate building.

Earth Day is an annual event held throughout the world every April 22 to show support for environmental protection.


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