UPNVJ Lecturer Gives New Views on Copywriting and Digital Marketing Techniques

Public Relations UPNVJ - The health sector is an important concern for the government to optimize services and handle health problems to the community, one of which is by providing information through the concept of Marketing Communication.

The Ministry of Health, as a state administration institution that operates specifically in the health sector, has a role and contribution in coordinating health programs with the health industry such as hospitals, health centers, health clinics, and so on, as well as building information and communication through multiplatforms that can be accessed easily by public.

This was conveyed by Radita, a lecturer in the Department of Communication Sciences at the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University (UPNVJ) in providing material for the Indonesian Ministry of Health's Digital Marketing workshop program which was held on Tuesday, March 26 2024, via an Online Zoom Meeting Webinar.

In her presentation, Radita said that the Ministry of Health and hospitals spread across various regions are the agencies closest to the community and are at the forefront in providing health services and quality for the community.

"The form of service provided by the hospital is basically not only medical services, but also maintaining the quality of information and the use of multiplatform media for marketing activities, because the marketing activities carried out by the hospital basically also double as open information services to the public," said Radita .

"Of course it is different from infrastructure companies which produce products in general. Hospitals have their own role which is really needed by the community," he continued.

In an effort to guarantee the quality of its information, hospitals need to optimize the performance of the Public Relations and Marketing Division to build persuasive and clear messages through copywriting techniques.

Radita said that Copywriting is not just a writing activity, but creates a creative and persuasive message that is concise, concise and clear so that it can be conveyed well to the public. Copywriting is also used as an intermediary between the public and hospital agencies.

Copywriting challenges for hospital advertising are different from product or service industries in general. The role of information and communication through advertising is not only limited to promotion, but also unlimited access to information which is a crucial need for society. "So copywriters in creating copy products (written products) must really pay attention to stakeholder aspects, community segments and the needs of customers and patients," said Radita.

This webinar was organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Health as an effort to increase the competency and expertise of human resources in various government hospital sectors. As conveyed by Auliana Zahrawani, Public Relations from the Directorate General of Health Services (Ditjen Yankes - Indonesian Ministry of Health) and Chair of the Ministry of Health's Digital Marketing Webinar Organizer, that this activity invited participants representing staff or medical officers from Central and Regional Government Hospitals.

"This webinar activity is an effort to optimize services to the community through human resources in hospital and ministry agencies through digital marketing," said Auliana.

Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to support the marketing activity program carried out by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, a strategic step is needed in building communication and improving excellent service for health workers. This was conveyed by Munadhil Abdul Muqsith, Ph.D, Chair of the UPNVJ Communication Science Department in his presentation regarding Strategy in Digital Marketing.

It is stated that a marketer needs to have the ability to access various digital platforms such as social media, ad sense, and utilize Web News Portal facilities. Hospitals need to build a brand, such as a brand identity or entity, just like companies in general that build brands to be able to promote various hospital services and facilities.

According to Munadhil, Digital Marketing Strategy is the key to building a brand and increasing the hospital's visibility in the eyes of patients and the wider community. When building branding or re-branding, he emphasized the need to re-implement the hospital's vision regarding services.

"If previously identified, the reality of hospital services in Indonesia is known as long queues, uneven quality, expensive service costs, lack of open and transparent communication and information, as well as ethical problems for health workers," said Munadhil.

"Therefore, it is necessary for this Marketing Strategy to also improve the previous bad image in order to transform into a new image that is better and whose quality is maintained," continued the lecturer who is also the Head of the Communication Science Master's Study Program.

The main strategy in marketing communications is through interesting, educational and informative content. Hospitals basically also need an influencer role, considering that hospitals are public services, health information centers for the public, have trust and integrity, and have an educational role for the public.

Therefore, the Public Relations and Marketing division at the hospital needs to build creative and persuasive content. "Development in digital marketing is not only in conventional media, but also through digital media and massive content development to be able to push the keyword 'Hospital' into the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) priority," said Munadhil.

"This way, hospitals have priority in the public's search engine for medical information," he concluded.


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