UPNVJ and ULAB Collaborate to Discuss Crisis Aspects in Health Communication

UPNVJ Public Relations - Moch. Aminul Islam, MSS - Senior Lecturer from the Department of Media Studies and Journalism (MSJ) University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), was a guest lecturer in the Health Communication course in lecturer exchange activities at the "Veteran" National Development University Bachelor of Communication Studies Program Jakarta.

The class was opened by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, FISIP UPNVJ and Coordinating Lecturer for the Health Communication course, Dr. Fitria Ayuningtyas. The lecture was also attended by Dra. Siti Maryam, M.Si., one of the lecturers in charge of the course along with 60 students of the 6th semester Communication Science Bachelor's Study Program.

Speaking at the lecture session, which took place on Saturday, March 23 2024 from 10.00-11.30 Jakarta time or 09.00-10.30 Dhaka time, Aminul presented material entitled "Crisis Communication in Health Communication."

He explained that in health communication, there will definitely be something called crisis communication. Crisis communication is communication between an organization and the community or stakeholders in order to handle events or information that could have a negative impact on the reputation and image of the organization.

Broadly speaking, the definition of crisis communication is the collection, processing and dissemination of information needed to overcome a crisis situation. Crisis communications relates to an organization's efforts to manage and respond to unexpected situations or disasters that are capable of damaging reputation, trust, or operational continuity.

Enthusiasm can be seen from the students' activeness in asking and/or answering questions raised by Aminul. Still in the context of crisis communication, Aminul said that during the Covid-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, there was panic buying which also happened in Indonesia at that time.

The lecture closed with a group photo session as documentation between the two institutions. Aminul hopes that this collaboration can continue to run well in the future.


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