All about UTBK-SNBT 2024 at UPNVJ

Public Relations UPNVJ - As one of the centers for the 2024 Computer-Based Written Examination - National Selection Based on Test (UTBK-SNBT), UPN "Veteran" Jakarta provides two examination locations, namely at UPNVJ Pondok Labu Campus, South Jakarta and UPNVJ Limo Campus, Cinere, Depok.

There are 830 participants per session per day, 1660, UPNVJ Pondok Labu Campus as many as 630 participants per session with a total of 1260 participants per day, UPNVJ Campus Limo location as many as 200 participants per session with a total of 400 participants per day.


There were a lot of participants who chose UPNVJ as the center location for their UTBK-SNBT, starting from participants who lived close to the UPNVJ area to participants who came from outside the city. There were also some participants who were so excited that they came before the exam time, but there were also those who were late so they didn't have the opportunity to take part in UTBK-SNBT this year.

Apart from that, there was a lot of very warm closeness from parents to the UTBK-SNBT participants who even accompanied their children to the front gate of the exam location.

One of them is Reyhan's father, one of the 2024 UTBK-SNBT participants who was met directly by the UPNVJ Limo Campus Public Relations team on Saturday, May 18 2024.

"Reyhan initially lived in Jogja, but his qadarullah chose to take the test here, in Jakarta so he could be close to his family. "We are happy because we can get closer to our beloved child, remembering that because Reyhan's school is far away, we usually meet once every 6 months, but this can be every day," said Reyhan's father.

"Reyhan has been preparing everything since a month ago, hopefully our child can get satisfactory results that match his expectations, and be accepted into the PTN of his dreams," he concluded in the interview session. (*s)



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