Collaborating with AFSI, FEB UPNVJ Holds Sharia Fintech Seminar

Public Relations UPNVJ - UPN "Veteran" Jakarta's Faculty of Economics and Business hosted the Indonesian Sharia Fintech Association (AFSI) Goes to Campus Seminar and the Final Round of the National Islamic Fintech Olympiad (NIFO). The event took place at the UPNVJ Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Auditorium on Wednesday, November 22 2023.

The first activity began with the NIFO Final Round with six teams from three universities, namely the University of Indonesia, UPNVJ, and Sriwijaya University.

After that, the activity continued with a seminar with the theme "Acceleration of Sharia Economics and Finance Through Financial Technology." In his speech, the Dean of FEB Dr. Jubaedah, SE., MM said that this activity was an effort to improve the quality of student graduates, so as to create graduates who could become problem solvers in society.

"Today, a person's excellence in academics alone is no longer enough. Many college graduates who are good academically, actually fail in the world of work. One of the causes of this failure is the lack of creativity and innovation," he said.

"To answer these challenges, FEB UPNVJ is collaborating with AFSI to contribute to hosting the 2023 NIRO national seminar and competition. It is hoped that this activity can create superior individuals to answer the problems of our beloved country," continued Jubaedah.


Keynote Speaker Mr. Djoko Kurnijanto, Head of the IAKD Regulation and Licensing Department of the Financial Services Authority (OJK), said that the millennial generation in Indonesia is currently around 70 percent of the productive age. They are expected to be able to optimize and develop sharia-based product innovations and services that suit community needs.

The event continued with the presentation of material by the first resource person, namely Aidil Akbar as the Executive Head of AFSI Education and Literacy. He explained that Sharia Fintech is one that carries out business activities according to sharia principles. Sharia fintech is said to have an important role in accelerating sharia financial literacy and inclusion in Indonesia.

The second resource person, Mr. Maheso Jenar as Marketing Communication for Dana Syariah, explained the introduction of sharia funds and the various services they provide as well as the role of sharia fintech in accelerating financial literacy and inclusion.


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