FIK Implements Independent Learning Campus (MBKM) Graduation Onsite and One Day Bootcamp


Public Relations UPNVJ - The Faculty of Computer Science (FIK) UPN "Veteran" Jakarta (UPNVJ) held the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) Graduation Onsite and One Day Bootcamp activities in the UPNVJ Integrated Laboratory Room, on Wednesday (28/02/24).

"The aim of this activity is to provide appreciation and recognition for the achievements and dedication of students with the theme From Passion to Impact Chapter 3: A Journey Into Sociopreneurship, " said Prof. Supriyanto, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, on this occasion.

This event was attended by Isak Munandar, Director of Maxy Academy, FIK leaders and their staff as well as MBKM Students, Faculty of Computer Science, UPNVJ

The activity held was a form of collaboration between the UPNVJ Computer Science Faculty and Maxy Academy.

The activity agenda also discusses several social entrepreneurship concepts and provides insight into how students can implement their passion in providing a positive impact on society.

"I hope this collaboration can continue for other activities, not just internships," said Isak.

Aulia, one of the participants in the MBKM Graduation activity, said that the bootcamp activity organized by Maxy Academy really broadened her knowledge, she hoped that it could be implemented for more than one month.

"This activity is very useful and adds to our insight, but the duration is not long because it is only 1 (one) month," said Aulia.

"Through this event, it is hoped that students can gain a deeper understanding of their role as agents of change in society and become an inspiration for the next generation to contribute actively in building a more sustainable and inclusive environment," explained Prof. Supriyanto.

He also revealed that MBKM is an activity that supports the achievement of IKU 2, which is a student activity carried out outside the University.

"Hopefully this activity can continue with other activities, and can encourage students to continue trying to increase their potential to achieve a Golden Indonesia," he concluded.

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