UPNVJ Chancellor Holds Audience with the Ministry of Education and Culture's Character Strengthening Center

Public RelationsUPNVJ - UPN "Veteran" Jakarta as a state defense campus continues to develop character education and state defense values as an integral part of its curriculum. In line with this, UPNVJ improved the quality of education by holding an audience with the Character Strengthening Center of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Puspeka Kemendikbud), which was attended by Dian Srinursih, a representative of Puspeka and Neni Herlina, Diktiristek public relations officer. (29/2)

During the discussion in this audience, the Chancellor of UPNVJ, Anter Venus also presented Azwar and the team from UPT National Defense UPNVJ. The Chancellor said that one of UPNVJ's main focuses was to strengthen the development of critical thinking, "We see that one of UPNVJ's big focuses is how to strengthen development critical thinking through philosophy and logic courses. "Students are expected to be able to implement these concepts in everyday life, including in analyzing debates in the mass media," said Venus

"I believe that UPN Veteran Jakarta can strengthen the value of character education through the implementation of national defense based on continued national defense, with prerequisites including love of the homeland, national awareness, and reflected in a critical attitude," he continued

Apart from that, UPNVJ also introduced the concept of implementing state defense in its curriculum. Students not only learn Indonesian to understand paragraphs, but also to root the values of defending the country in their thinking.

This is UPNVJ's commitment to continue to maintain the integrity of the nation which is reflected in the same spirit to maintain the sustainability of the nation. Thus, UPNVJ believes that through a better understanding of religious and cultural diversity, students will be better prepared to face global challenges.

It is hoped that these concepts will not only be useful for UPNVJ students, but can also be used as an example for other universities in building quality character education. (*sa/HumasUPNVJ)

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