Together with Central BNSP, LSP UPNVJ Holds Witness Assessor Stage


Public Relations UPNVJ - The Professional Certification Institute (LSP) National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta (UPNVJ) held a new assessor witness event in the UPNVJ LSP Room on Thursday, March 21 2024..

This event was attended by master assessors from the National Competency Certification Agency (BNSP), daily administrators of LSP UPNVJ and new assessors.

"This agenda is carried out as a form of quality assurance for LSP to meet the quality standards set by BNSP," said Chair of LSP UPNVJ Satria Yudhia Wijaya.

This witness stage was carried out by a team from Central BNSP to re-examine the LSP documents and witness firsthand the competency testing process for 30 new schemes by assessors at UPNVJ.

Satria also said that this witness activity was very important to issue 30 new schemes which would give UPNVJ students a BNSP competency certificate according to their skills. That way, students are expected to be ready to compete in the world of work.

“Thank God this agenda can be carried out. "The new administrators and assessors took part in this witness event very seriously and enthusiastically in answering and showing documents to the BNSP master assessor," said Satria.

It is hoped that LSP UPNVJ can encourage students to become the best graduates through the competencies they have and make UPNVJ a quality institution.

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