Boao Forum for Asia: UPNVJ Lecturer Calls for Balance in the South China Sea

Public RelationsUPNVJ - Khoirur Rizal Lutfi, lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta, was invited to speak at the South China Sea Sub-Forum which is part of the Boao Forum for Asia 2024. He was invited by the National Institute for South China Sea Studies (NISCSS) as organizer in his capacity as an international law academic from FH UPNVJ.

Held on March 28-29 2024, the Boao Forum for Asia is an annual routine agenda that takes place in Hainan Province, China. This year, the South China Sea Sub-Forum took the theme "Guided by Cooperation, Building a Community with a Shared Future in the South China Sea."

Together with four other panelists from China, Indonesia, Great Britain and Singapore, Khoirur delivered a presentation at the panel session "Opportunities and Challenges in South China Sea Cooperation." The topic he presented was "The Convergence of Approaches Towards Cooperation in the South China Sea: An Indonesian Perspective."

Regarding this topic, Khoirur said that there are many points of view and perceptions from the countries involved in border disputes in the South China Sea. He said that several studies and research seem to be a competition to make claims based on theory and law, which if you look at them all have legitimacy.

Therefore, continued Khoirur, there needs to be a convergence of various approaches, but it must emphasize peaceful methods as common goals and interests. According to him, the most likely step to resolve disputes in the South China Sea peacefully is to create equilibrium or balance.

"There must be a balance of interests for the countries involved, and the most ideal middle path to take is cooperation," said Khoirur.

"Cooperation can target various sectors that have been the cause of overlapping claims so far, provided that it is not hegemonic and a fait accompli," he continued.

In principle, resolving disputes must remain guided by Article 2 (3) of the UN Charter. Based on its national values, the words in the preamble to the constitution and several cases that have set precedents, Indonesia is one of the countries that can be used as an example regarding resolving border conflicts with a peaceful commitment.

"If all countries involved are committed to making peace a common goal, commitment and interest, then making the South China Sea a sea of cooperation is not difficult," concluded Khoirur. (*wit/PRUPNVJ)


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