UPNVJ Holds Iftaar Together to Provide Compensation for Orphans


UPNVJ Public Relations - Increasing togetherness and concern for others, the Chancellor of UPN "Veteran" Jakarta (UPNVJ) held an iftar together with all UPNVJ employees and 60 orphans and poor people.

Carrying the theme of fasting improving the quality of work life, work happiness and innovative behavior of employees, Anter Venus, UPNVJ Chancellor, hopes that this can unite togetherness and increase self-worth for the better.

"Together can be interpreted as us together being able to improve and transform our campus into a university that is superior in all institutional aspects, also superior in various things including human resources," said Venus, in her speech at the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Auditorium, on Tuesday (02/04 /24).

"This fasting is an added value for us, this month is our opportunity to continue learning to increase our self-value. Hopefully, with our fasting this year we will become better people," he added.

On this occasion, the UPNVJ Chancellor distributed compensation and gifts to 60 orphans and poor people from the Seven Six Cinangka Foundation and the Pangkalan Jati Salafi'iyyah Tsanawiyah Madrasah Foundation.

Not only that, UPNVJ employees and invited guests who attended were also treated to religious lectures given by Prof. Dr. H. JM. Muslimin, MA

In his lecture, he thoroughly discussed how fasting can improve the quality of our daily lives and trigger a feeling of happiness in carrying out various daily activities. It can also trigger innovative behavior at work.

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