Wanting to know more about culture outside Java is the main reason Nazwa joined PMM 4


Public RelationsUPNVJ - Nazwa Sabrina Bahari, one of the students at the Jakarta Veteran National Development University, Political Science Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, became the 4th batch of UPNVJ Independent Student Exchange (PMM 4) outbound student who chose the Sumatra region for the PMM 4 program, to be precise at Muhammadiyah University of West Sumatra. In her online interview with the UPNVJ public relations team (19/3), Najwa said that the reason she chose the Muhammadiyah University of West Sumatra was because she could get to know and learn new cultures, not just academics, "The reason I chose the Muhammadiyah University of West Sumatra is because it is located in West Sumatra which famous for its cultural diversity, natural beauty and strong religion. "I don't only want to learn about academics, but I want to learn many things such as culture and thank God, my major at UPNVJ is also here, namely Political Science," he explained.

"My first impression was that I was amazed to see its natural beauty and was welcomed by local residents and the comfortable campus environment," continued Nazwa


Nazwa also said that she deliberately took part in PMM 4 because she saw many opportunities and great opportunities, "I personally like looking for new experiences, so in my opinion PMM is an opportunity and opportunity that should not be wasted because apart from adding experience it will also increase insight. and relations on different islands, not just in the capital city," he concluded at the end of the interview

Nazwa at the Muhammadiyah University of West Sumatra is still relatively new in wanting to start the learning process, yesterday, Monday 18 March 2024, the Muhammadiyah University of West Sumatra held an opening and welcoming ceremony for PMM 4 inbound participants (who chose the Muhammadiyah University of West Sumatra).



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