UPNVJ guarantees that students who pass SNBP can study without being hampered by UKT


Public Relations UPNVJ - Chancellor of the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University, Anter Venus, emphasized that all prospective students who have passed the National Achievement Based Selection (SNBP) can study without the constraints of a Single Tuition Fee (UKT). UKT is truly tailored to the student's abilities so that you can be sure that students can still re-register as UPNVJ students, regardless of their economic conditions.

"The determination of UKT is truly based on existing considerations and regulations, and is carried out very fairly according to the abilities and responsibilities that each student must bear," said Venus.

“Students who are capable contribute more than those who are unable. This is the principle of fairness. "This is also the principle of mutual cooperation to complement each other to manage quality learning together," he continued.

Venus said that UPNVJ guarantees that students can still study at UPNVJ with the UKT amount that best suits their economic capabilities. UPNVJ has an accountable and fair UKT determination mechanism based on data on the financial capabilities of students' parents/guardians, starting from parents' income, ownership and condition of houses and vehicles, number of dependents, to electricity bills and so on.

"The government has also determined that around 20 percent of the student quota is for underprivileged families, and we have to fulfill that. If there are more of them, then we also have to accommodate them if they pass into UPNVJ," said Venus.

Meanwhile, apart from determining the UKT group fairly, UPNVJ also opens opportunities for prospective students who pass the SNBP to submit objections. For example, if a prospective student is determined to be in group 5 but he feels that his abilities are not up to it, then he is welcome to submit an objection/rebut the UKT.

"We will determine it according to the real economic conditions of the students' parents/guardians." Venus said.

Previously, there were dozens of prospective students who passed the SNBP at UPNVJ but had not yet re-registered by the set deadline.

Venus asked the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to contact and dialogue with them to ensure they can still re-register. If the problem is UKT, then it must be adjusted to their real conditions.

"There is no reason not to go to college," stressed Venus.

"And for those who do not have the (financial) capacity, there are other financing mechanisms provided by the government such as KIP-K and KJP. Apart from that, UPNVJ is also seeking other scholarships to ensure the smooth running of their studies," said Venus.

"The point is, UPNVJ ensures that all students who graduate can study without UKT obstacles," he concluded.

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