ULAB-IAMCR Lecture Series: UPNVJ Lecturers Emphasize the Importance of Crisis Communication

Public RelationsUPNVJ - Lecturer in the Communication Science Master's Study Program at the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University (UPNVJ), Dr. Fitria Ayuningtyas, Go International! He was one of the speakers at the Lecture Series event with the theme "Crisis Communication: Lessons from Indonesia" which was held online from Jakarta and Bangladesh on Friday, March 1 2024.

Dr. Fitria was present virtually with Sarkar Barbaq Quarmal, Ph.D - Graduate Program Coordinator Media Studies & Journalism Department from the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB).

Both spoke at the Graduate Program of Media Studies and Journalism Department, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh-The International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Lecture Series. The event opened with remarks from Prof Jude Genilo, Pro Vice-Chancellor from ULAB.

In delivering her material, Dr Fitria discussed the alleged practice of political dynasties throughout the 2024 election season until voting day on February 14 2024.

"Crisis communication is a communication process carried out by organizations or individuals to respond to crisis situations," said Dr Fitria, saying that a crisis management plan needed to be developed to reduce its impact.

If you remain silent or no comment, continued Dr Fitria, then people's perceptions, assumptions and thoughts will become uncontrollable.

"In fact, crisis communication is an important process to help organizations respond effectively to crisis situations. By following the principles and steps of crisis communication, you can minimize the negative impact of a crisis and rebuild public trust," he said.

After delivering material from the speakers, the Lecture Series event closed with a question and answer session and a group photo. (*wit/PRUPNVJ)


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