Coordination Meeting for Thematic Community Service Program 2020

Public Relations Team – Thematic Community Service Program could help DPAPMK agency on empowering women. DPAMPK has high intention and hopes to cooperate and work together with UPN Veteran Jakarta Thematic Community Service Program in the Leuwinanggung village, sub-district of Tapos, and Depok village, sub-district of Pancoran Mas. Depok city as a part of West Java Province, has the remote development index way above average of West Java's HDI with 80.29%. But the two sub-districts that were mentioned before are the lowest HDI in the city of Depok, thus the development focus for this year will be on Leuwinanggung and Tapos.

The problem focuses on child and women’s violence and women's empowerment, there are guidance and efforts related to violence against women and children, several work programs from DPAPMK that can be proposed and supported by UPNVJ’s Thematic Community Service Program. These programs are including skill-training for women and special school for women (a special program from West Java Provincial government). We have prepared the target, approximately 100 women, normally the skill-training activities for women are focus for housewives and the formation of farmer groups. Furthermore, there is a planned for business assistance to fulfil the household's productive economy, such as assistance in the form of handicraft tools and processing tools for making food.

In this final term of office, Government of Depok will be focus on accomplishing Regional Medium Term Development Plan (RMTDP) phase 3 which focuses on achieving the targets of the 3 big programs, which are :

- Depok as a Smart Healthy City

- Depok as a Zero Waste City

- Depok as a Family Friendly City

In this occasion, DPAMPK is going to focus on the 3rd program, which is Family Friendly City. To implement this family-friendly Depok, several programs that have been stipulated in the RMTDP and we must achieved them at the end of 2020-2021. Several programs including a child-friendly city that shelters several problems of child violence such as violence, sexual abuse, and even kidnapping. We have increased the development of a child-friendly city from the city level, the efficiency to the lower level, as we formed a child-friendly working group. Furthermore, the empowerment of women are implanted in improving family food security and providing skills training, forming female as head of family, not only for single parents (widows) but also for head of family that who do not have the expertise to earn a living for the family. From the data, we could say there are lot of people that eligible to join this program.

As a result of  Covid-19 Pandemic, we got data and results that showed a lot of problems related to problems that exist in families, but not only focusing on empowering and food security for children and families, DPAPMK also took part in family programs, such as teaching about family planning since adolescence. With the aim of youth empowerment as well as strengthening the family resilience. For example, there are some program that we have done to help families in Depok, including the existence of Posyandu (Integrated Healthcare Center) with a total of 1031, Posbindu (Integrated Assistance Center) with a total of 829, and in the child-friendly environment we have 529 unit as a reference for further programs.

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