UPNVJ Holds Skill Test for Student Independent Admission Path 2020

Public Relations Team – This is the second time for UPN Veteran Jakarta (UPNVJ) held a skill test for new student admission by independent admission (SEMA) path. This test specifically given for prospective students who chose the Tahfiz Quran and YouTube Content Creator paths as for new student admission. The activity took place on Saturday (15/08/20) in two different locations, first in the Television Lab for YouTube Content Creator and UPNVJ Mambaul Ullum Mosque for Tahfizh Al-Quran.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Mr. Anter Venus on his online-remarks said that UPNVJ held this skill test by considering the possibility to seek and develop younger generation’s potential both inside and outside the academic field.

"We call this an achievement because there is an achievement in it. For Tahfiz there is a slight adjustment from the previous year, where in the previous year at least it required to memorize 5 Juz and for this year it required to memorize 10 Juz. As for YouTube Content Creator, we set the same requirements as last year, where a minimum subscriber of 10,000 and a minimum of 100,000 video viewers. We didn’t change the requirement (for Content Creator) because it is undoubtedly not easy to achieve.” explained Venus.

According to Venus, YouTube Content Creator is a mediator who can form opinions and educate people of their age, especially on creative content.

"I hope for all the participants wouldn’t found any obstacles and could follow the process without being nervous, because I am sure every participants that chose this skill test are trust on their own competence in the related field." said Venus.

It should be noted, the results of this skill test will be combined with the UTBK (Computer-Based Written Exam) results as an additional value for Student Independent Admission Path 2020.

According to the data obtained, the number of participants for this skill test was 21 people consisting of 18 Tahfiz Quran participants and 3 Youtube Content Creator participants. Technically, this year implementation has no differences from the previous year, however, for the participants who live outside the city could have done the skills tests by online.

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