Choir Achievements and Essays Bring Carlos Piero to Achieve Mahardika's Work

Public RelationsUPNVJ - Carlos Piero Martua was one of the recipients of the Karya Mahardika Award at the 72nd Graduation Ceremony of the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University which took place at the Jakarta Convention Center on Saturday, April 20 2024.

While studying at UPNVJ, Carlos has participated in various types of competitions and competitions which are divided into three categories, namely choir, essay and poster.

Even though he doesn't always win in all events, Carlos admits that he feels great benefits from competing at national and international levels.

"There was a lot of experience and skills gained from this process, especially teamwork and leadership because I often took part in competitions in a group," said Carlos.

2023 is a special year for Carlos who took part in two international competitions, namely the Global Health Case Competition Global Health Emerging Leaders Program (GHELP) Indonesia in Jakarta and the 10th A Voyage of Songs (AVOS) 2023 in Thailand.

LPPM UPNVJ has collaborated with Global Health Focus (GHF) for selected GHELP student workshops, and there are case study competitions that have been held in various countries previously.

In the team competition which took place on July 21 2023, Carlos won 2nd place. The following day, Carlos and the Gita Advayatva Choir team held the 7th Annual Mozzafiato 2023 and Pre-Competition Concert to 10th A Voyage of Songs concert during two afternoon and evening sessions.

Eight days later, the competition team left for Thailand to take part in the 10th A Voyage of Songs (AVOS) 2023 held by Konzert, Singapore. In the competition which took place from 1-4 August 2023 at Chulalongkorn University, Carlos' team won the Gold Medal in the Mixed Choir (Open) and Sacred Music categories.

"Apart from being the only international competition that gave me the opportunity to go to another country, I was also the first person in my family to go abroad. Every memory there will be unforgettable," he said.

Competitions and Lectures

Even though he is actively competing, Carlos does not forget the importance of excelling in academics. He tries to divide his time between doing assignments and choir competition practice activities, which don't take a long time to prepare, around three to six months.

Thanks to the support of family and friends, Carlos's achievement index at the start of the semester was relatively stable, even increasing each semester.

"The challenges faced during lectures, activities and choir competition practice also vary, both online and offline," said Carlos.

"Luckily, even during choir practice, the coach allowed me while practicing to carry out my obligations as a student in the academic field, namely a lot of work in the health sector," he continued.

The following is a list of Carlos' achievements in the various competitions he participated in:

1. 2nd Prize at the 12th International Choir Competition Zadar 2021
2. 10 Finalists in the Essay Competition in the 2021 National Sharia Banking Competition (KOPSYARNAS 2.0)
3. 1st Winner of Economic Essay Competition at the 2021 Youth Economic Summit
4. Gold Medal at the 10th International Brawijaya Choir Festival 2022
5. 2nd Winner Global Health Case Competition Global Health Emerging Leaders Program (GHELP) Indonesia 2023
6. Gold Medal in Sacred Music and Mixed Choir (Open) Category 10th A Voyage of Songs 2023


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