Appreciate the RA's Role. Kartini in the Past, UPNVJ Holds Flag Ceremony

Public Relations UPNVJ - April 21 is celebrated as the birthday of one of the Indonesian nation's figures, one of Indonesia's great women, namely Raden Ajeng Kartini.

The figure of RA Kartini is a female hero who is very instrumental in fighting for the emancipation of women in Indonesia. This commemoration is to remember and commemorate all the services he has done. The establishment of Kartini Day, April 21, was also based on Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 108 of 1964 which was signed on May 2 1964 to remember RA Kartini's services in realizing equality between women and men.

UPN "Veteran" Jakarta regularly holds a flag ceremony to commemorate RA Kartini's birthday, involving the entire UPNVJ academic community, including university leaders, faculty leaders, educational staff, lecturers and UPNVJ students, held at the UPNVJ ceremony field. , Dr. Building Wahidin Sudiro Husodo. (22/4)

Dr. Ria, Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs and Cooperation at UPNVJ, acting as the supervisor of the ceremony, said that education is mandatory and a priority for all Indonesian women, "As today's Kartini, to follow in the footsteps of RA Kartini in the past, we must make education a priority. "Because education is the main key to freeing oneself from the limitations that exist in Indonesia," said Dr. Ria in her speech

"On Kartini Day this year, let us together celebrate the achievements of Indonesian women in the past, appreciate their role in building this nation, and build our commitment to creating a more inclusive and equal future for all Indonesian citizens, regardless of gender. . As Indonesian women, we have a responsibility to continue to take an active role in realizing Kartini's dream for a just and prosperous society. "Let us continue to struggle, learn and grow together, following in Kartini's footsteps in achieving true independence and equality," he continued at the end of his remarks. (*s)



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